1. Sunshine

From the recordings Sunshine and Manifesto

Sunshine captures the warm and colourful atmosphere of beach culture, one that transcends continents and lifestyles - whoever you are, whatever stage of life you may be at.

The song is about the simple happiness that the summer sunshine brings, through the warm embrace of a reggae backdrop


Take a break from that grind of 9 to 5
The ocean’s calling its come alive
Get some wheels and start to drive
Forget those worries for just a while

Cool drinks, ice creams, hats and thongs
Radio pumping all your favorite songs
Heavenly rays from the sun are falling
Summertime’s here can’t you hear it calling

I wanna sing my song in the sunshine
I want to live my life in summertime
I want this ocean breeze to take me away

Blue Skies, tropical heat its sublime
The beach is packed with people so fine
I’ve got my guitar so we can play some Reggae

Boogy boards and surf boards hit the waves
Lifesavers out for another save
Volleyball, football choose your game
Listen to the sea calling out your name

Night time falls but the air is warm
Falling asleep to a thunderstorm
Make a bonfire to light the night
Let the Reggae play till the morning night


There’s no parking on the streets
But even if we use our feet
To walk from the mountains to the beach
The Sun gods are here and they’re here to preach

Let’s sit by the ocean as the sun goes down
The lights come on all over town
Let the music get you on your feet