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Revolution Incorporated is about creating positive and uplifting music influenced by Reggae, Roots, Ska, Dub, Latin, Sega among other styles, bringing them together in a perfect stew. Now based in Sydney, Australia, the band has brought together musicians from South America, Australia, the Pacific Islands, Indian subcontinent and Mauritius. As the band evolves over the years, our mission remains the same.... to share our stories about our world, the way we live and spread the message of positivity, hope and love.

Welcome to the Revolution!!

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Our Single Let You Go out now!

We have dropped our 4th release, a rootsy track, with an island vibe, in true Revolution style called "Let you Go". Have a listen to the full track and pay any price on our website.  You can also get it at

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Let You Go

Revolution Incorporated

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Let You Go

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This is our latest rootsy track with an island vibe. This tune has been brewing for some time in our jam sessions and we are proud to have recorded our 4th release to share with all our fans!

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Making of Let You Go...


Chatting to the 2SER 107.3FM Foreigndub Airwayves show

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