Sydney Reggae scene is on the move

Well again it has been a long while between posts.... but reggae business has been flourishing lately, at least it seems that way in Sydney!
The surge in reggae, roots, ska, dub and those other kinds of styles we love to groove to seem to really be taking hold of Sydney town lately. A number of great venues have started to host weekly reggae themed nights showcasing some of the best Reggae bands in town. On a Thursday night you can catch the Rasta Bondi night at the El Topo basement in Bondi Junction. Then on Sundays, you now have a choice, the Coogee Bay Hotel Offshore Sundays event, starting around 6pm for an evening of great chilled out music or an all out late night assault to the senses at the Manly's Hotel Steyne, Moonshine and Rum bar. You will see some of the best local and touring reggae acts in an action packed room that is simply ready to party. 

If you are looking for more of the DJs and selectors to rock your night, fortnightly you will find the Reggae, Dub, Dance hall and Drum and bass Big Up show at the Jam gallery. In addition, check out the Reggae Market Carnival day, at least twice a year at two location around Sydney. 

The best thing is that most of these events are FREE!

So the scene is definitely pumping with reggae in Sydney and thanks to a serious movement within the community it is getting stronger and more vibrant. So join the reggae movement, go check out a show, a DJ, a market and spread the positive vibes around!

ps - If you have a show, an event or related item you would like to share, please feel free to email us at and we will share through our website, blogs and facebook sites too!