A little bit of Dub - Our next single

So it has been a while since our last single... well.. our first single Sunshine back in Oct 2013. Since then we managed many firsts, our first outdoor gig, our first festival gig, losing our awesome lead singer to vocal nodules (ouch), gaining an awesome new singer, Sophie Wilson, who kept us going with her most brilliant presence and commitment, giving all our songs the care, love and vocal heights they need. And now for even bigger news, we are getting our Sista Soni back... What??! Yes that's right folks you heard it right, she is recovering faster than a speeding bullet and doing great. She will be back shortly doing gigs with us again.... and the great news is that Sophie will continue to sing with us and help us out, ooooh yes this is going to be a vocal powerhouse..... just what the doctor ordered!

So with all this going on we still wanted to give you all something new, maybe something different.... drum roll with lots of reverb and echo...echo.... echo....echo... enter Little Dub! Yes that's right our very first dub mix of one of our fav songs, Little Reggae. It will be released late August and YOU are invited to the launch party!!!

This will be one very special show, unlike anything we have done before. There will be live reggae artists and cartoonists doing their thing while we are playing. We are even planning on film our video clip that night, so make sure to head down and be part of the party crowd (yes hands in the air... action!)

This was a really fun project for us (thanks to El Presidente for the time consuming, Lee Scratch Perry style hard work) but also a huge learning experience... took us a while because, lets face it, we are slow learners but we love the result. We hope you all like it and that the selectors and dub DJs will pick it up and give it a spin too. We are putting the final touches down now so keep an eye out, we will also announce some free samples, pre-release dates, giveaways and bunch more leading up to the launch party, so to be in the running, put your name and email down here

The official release will be at the Oxford Art Factory, 30th of Aug. Get amongst it!!

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