Manly food and Red red Wine Festival

Finally, after much procrastination we have decided to put the Revolution blog back on the agenda. It has been a long time since our last blog post and it feels a little strange writing this but here goes....

As a band we have travelled and played all over Sydney, even daring to push the metropolitan limits (woah easy)... but our first few gigs were through a very unassuming hidden gem of a venue called The Old Manly Boatshed. For the locals who frequent it, it has great food and drink (at an affordable price), comedy nights, atmosphere, and all these topped off with some of the best musicians and bands, local, national and international acts, showing up to do intimate gigs (yes you can seriously reach out, touch and abuse the performers). It has a basement club feel of a Chicago blues club with an atmosphere to match. It has a great sound and entry is often free. We love it because of the fact that we get to do what we love and simply put, it supports us and our fans.

So why all the fuss you say.... well this year we are over the moon to announce that we have been invited to play at the Manly Food and Wine Sustainability festival! This again is thanks to the old Boaty as we are playing on a stage put on by the venue.

The Festival is in its 28th year and showcases various NSW wineries and their best drop, local restaurants, live music, fun for the whole family. What better way to kick back, have a vino, chow down some yummy food and listen to some reggae beats in the afternoon... ok we are there! This invitation actually took us by surprise but it is one of those very fun events to play at and we are so looking forward to it!

Following that we will also be appearing back at the Boaty for further reggae mayhem on the 5th of June for 3 sets of original and reggaefied covers... There are a few new surprises in our gig bag this time too, let's just say "happy... is the way you make me feel" but you're going to have to get down there to see what we mean. Oh.. and bring your dancing shoes as always...

We will be hitting the Boatshed stage at the food and wine festival at 3pm on Sunday 1st June.
The Old Manly Boatshed on 5th June (Thursday), around 8:30pm. 

Also watch out for more blog posts from us all in the future! Please feel free to comment back if you feel inclined, love to hear from you.

Much love
Raj and the RI Crew

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