Our Story

Revolution Incorporated is about creating unique music, influenced by various styles such as old school Reggae, roots music, Ska, dub, latin beats and even Mauritian Sega, bringing them together in rhythmic and melodic sensation. RI is a project that came together when the love of music and old friendships collided to form the beginning of a musical journey.

Originated by Raj Sena to share his passion for reggae music, he was then joined by a versatile and talented bunch of musicians from all over the globe. Marcos Gil from Argentina, who played with some of the musical royalty in Latin, funk and rock of his home. Marcos's melodic grooves are joined by Robin Dosoruth of Mauritius on keys and percussion, bringing the African, Sega and Seggae influences to RI. These eclectic sounds are backed by the unmissable reggae riddim by Ricardo Fernandez, who brings with him a long love affair with Reggae music from his home country Brazil. Next they were joined by the defining Trumpet sounds of a local from the northern beaches of Sydney, Kim Griffin, to complement the kaleidoscope of sounds. And finally, the powerhouse female double duo on the vocals leading the charge, Sonia Leeson and Sophie Wilson. Her heritage in Chile, Sonia's beautiful and velvet vocal sounds comes with a long history of reggae having spent the last 10 years recording and touring with Australia's leading reggae bands including Red Bantoo and Fyah Walk. Sophie Wilson bring her soulful yet powerful vocals, hailing from the mecca of reggae music, Byron Bay, bringing over 25 years of singing experience and performances in some of the top venues in Australia with a rich background of soul, blues, jazz and now reggae!

We also have many great friends of the band helping us out on a regular basis such as as Justin Buckingham on sax.... and our sound continues to evolve and reflect all our backgrounds and influences...!!
This is Revolution Incorporated.

We would love to see you at a gig and join the fun, come down so that we can raise your spirits through our uplifting and unique music! 

Bless you all!

Sophie - Vocals

Sonia - Vocals

Sonia Leeson is a natural singing talent, a gift she has brought to this world to share with all of us. Although she was already performing and singing at a professional level from a young age with very little musical training, she has also gone on to excel in her music studies, completing many professionally accredited courses, including a Bachelor of Music, from some of the leading music institutions of the country. But all along, she has also been a working musician, playing in a variety of bands, everything from Rock, funk, blues, reggae, roots, folk to country. This experience lead her to play with some of the leading Reggae bands of the NSW North Coast, such as Fyah Walk and Red Bantoo and she has performed at festivals such as Falls Festival, Womadelaide, Island Vibes, Peats Ridge, Byron Blues and Roots and the list goes on. Now joining the band, she brings all her knowledge and experience, and a whole new dynamic vocal sound that defines the message of Revolution Incorporated.

Sophie Wilson brings with her over 25 years of experience, professionally trained and performing varied styles such as blues, roots, jazz, soul and many more, all over Australia. Starting her career at the tender age of 4, Sophie made her stage debut, clad in a "Sebastian the Crab" and singing "Under the Sea" at the behest of her tactful dance teacher who rightfully observed that Sophie's skills lay in areas other than dance... She went on to completing an Honours Degree in Contemporary Music in 2008 and performing with a number of North Coast local bands at local venues and international festivals. Blending together urban RnB, soul and a hefty dose of blues grittiness, her performances are a fierce display of raw talent. 

Sophie made the move to Sydney in 2009 and has since racked up a slew of performances at notable venues including The Basement, The Opera Bar, Oxford Arts Factory, the MCA, IVY, and others. In 2013 she joined forces with Revolution Incorporated, performing with the band for shows and festivals in Sydney and beyond, and is loving the chance to embrace the styles of reggae, latin and dub. 

Raj - Guitar/Vocals

Raj Sena has been playing music from the age of 8 and has been performing in bands since a very young age. Growing up in the pacific islands, almost unavoidably started his love affair with Reggae, ska and dub music, the music that truly reflects the laid back life and sounds of the islands with all its nuances.

He spent many early years in original bands as singer/guitarist and playing and writing with SMOKE, a Sydney based 5 piece . This lead to recording, gigging and touring albums over many years. Ater nearly 15 years of playing together, Raj finally decided to make the move to concentrate on where his heart was leading him, to the sounds of Reggae!

This desire to go back to the Reggae roots has lead Raj to join forces with Marcos Gil, Robin Dosoruth and Ricardo Fernandez, to write, record, and perform the music he loves and is most comfortable with. His desire is to "Create music that wil provide a sense of happiness, something that will give you hope in a world that is increasingly cynical and negative" and to share this with the world.

Marcos - Bass/Vocals

 Marcos Gil, originally from Argentina, come from working with some the top musicians from back home. Revolution Incorporated is very lucky to have one of Argentina's top bass players joining the band. Marcos has been playing bass from a very young age and comes from training in some of the most prestigious music schools such as SADEMs. He has also studied and played with some of the top names in the music industry in South America.

His groovy and chilled, yet spot on off beat reggae and dun bass lines, coupled with his natual talent and some very smooth vocals, will get any party bobbing to the reggae vibes!

Robin - Keys/Purcussion/Vocals

Robin Dosoruth’s keyboard and percussion talents are a combination of classical training and self-taught improv work from the young age of 5. Having determined early on that the keys alone just weren’t going to cut it, this hapless multitasker needed to add congas, bongoes, djambes and the like to his arsenal – having started off with schoolmates on classroom desks!
Following stints in various choirs and bands in his native tropical Mauritius, Robin started working with Raj as a part of Smoke in 2006, before joining Revolution Incorporated in 2012. Reggae particularly appealed to his tropical and African influences, such as sega and seggae.
Robin draws inspiration from anything ranging from Mozart to Massive Attack, Marley to … uh … well, you get the idea. He especially loves anything fusion which, he says, “brings out the best of all sorts of cultures into one language that speaks louder than words”

Ricardo - Drums

Ricardo Fernandes comes from the land of rhythm and pulse, Brazil. Being involved with music from a young age, he has always had a love for drums and the earthy, soulful and colourful music of Brazil. He has also played with various Reggae bands in Brazil before moving to Sydney Australia to continue his musical journey. Now joining the Revolution Incorporated line up, he brings with him his natural and effortless talents in playing a rippin one drop and the many nuances that is essential for that reggae and ska music. Now, break it down to dub...!


Kim - Trumpets


Kim Griffin, has brought the much needed brass sounds with her very talented Trumpet playing. Kim studies, lives and breathes music, playing many instruments from a  young age, including Trumpets, guitar, keys, various other instruments topped off with a very smooth vocal range. She studied at the Conservatorium of music of Sydney, teaches music and continues to play numerous forms of music from, Jazz to soul, funk to classical. But whether its a simple skank, a complex melody or a free for all jam session, her reggae and ska chops are second to none, and brightens up the music palette of RI with every note!

Justin - Sax